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After This Row - a knitting tool created for hand knitters. 

Specifically designed to keep track of your rows and stitches, repeats, and increasing and decreasing. The books feature pages of everything you need to keep track of while knitting your project! The project sheets are pre-numbered so all you just have to do is check off the row when you've finished knitting it! A modification page is also included for those of you who know how to make your garments fit just right. A shopping list, common abbreviations and tabs for your yarn are a few of the other pages featured in the books.

Is it simple and easy to use but more importantly it is a more efficient and organized method of keeping track of your knitting projects. Gone are the days of using scrap paper, Post-it notes that lose their stickiness or just relying on your memory, all of which seems to get lost in the midst of our busy lifestyles.

Like you, I am over the moon when I can squeeze in some knitting time during the day; unfortunately knitting time is usually short lived because our lives are so busy with other priorities. So, the idea of After This Row came to me out of necessity! I needed something to help me keep better track of my knitting. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I could not even read my own handwriting or decipher my notes – which note is the last note I wrote? It was a mess! I just want to Knit!!

After This Row is not only a valuable tool for you to have, it's practical

"Keeping your place one row at a time"

It's not only a valuable tool for you to have, it's practical!  

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